31 January 2013

Coalition For Marriage:

Broken promises:
Cameron said he had
‘no plans’ to redefine marriage

Dear marriage supporter,
As the big vote in the House of Commons approaches (Tue. 5 Feb), it’s easy to forget that on 3 May 2010 – just three days before the last general election – David Cameron said on TV that he was “not planning” to change the definition of marriage.
He was being interviewed by Adam Boulton on Sky News, and was asked a direct question about whether he would introduce gay marriage. He said: “I am not planning that.” Gay marriage campaigners were furious, as this article shows.
It is outrageous that Mr Cameron went on TV just three days before a general election and told voters one thing, but did the exact opposite once inside Downing Street. His manifesto at the election was silent, so he has no mandate to redefine marriage. His only mandate is to defend traditional marriage.
Please read our latest briefing on the issue, and please share it with all your family and friends.
The Coalition for Marriage is doing all it can ahead of the Second Reading vote on Tuesday.
Yours sincerely,
Colin Hart
Colin Hart
Campaign Director
Coalition for Marriage

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