5 February 2013

Christian Concern:

Prayer Alert: Same sex marriage Bill being debated in Parliament NOW

The second reading of the Government’s Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill takes place in Parliament this afternoon from 12.45pm, with the vote due to take place at 7pm.
Please take some time to pray now for the debate in Parliament this afternoon and the vote this evening.
This is a momentous day for our nation. At stake is God's design for marriage being preserved in our nations laws. This design is for the flourishing of individuals and of society.

Pray in particular for:
  • MPs speaking against the Bill
  • Undecided MPs - that they will be convinced by the arguments against redefining marriage
  • A debate in which the unique nature and beauty of marriage between a man and a woman is clearly presented
Thank you to all those who have contacted their MPs and urged them to vote against the Bill.

Please also get involved in the debates on facebook (BBCITVSky) and twitter, and call in to radio programmes which are discussing the same sex marriage Bill.

Whatever happens, we trust that the Lord's purposes will be advanced in our nation.


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