2 February 2013

Coalition For Marriage;

3 days left:
please email your MP

There are just three days left until the big vote in the House of Commons (Tuesday 5 February). There are likely to be other votes in Parliament, but this one may turn out to be the most crucial of the whole campaign.
If you haven’t already done so, please email your MP.
Some MPs think you will soon forget how they voted. Others assume you’ll blame the Prime Minister, but they’ll get off scot-free. It is therefore vital that you email your MP and say:
1. You WILL remember if they vote for this Bill.
2. You WILL hold them to account for it.
3. You WILL tell all your friends and family.
Say the marriage Bill is a deeply personal issue for you, unlike many normal political issues.
Please email:
 (Click to email your MP:here)
Tips for what to say:
Use your own words, and just use one or two of these ideas.
  • Ask your MP what they think should be done to protect ordinary people (not just churches) who believe in traditional marriage.
  • Ask them whether a teacher should be sacked for refusing to endorse gay marriage in the classroom.
  • Ask them whether parents who disagree with redefining marriage should be banned from withdrawing children from school lessons which endorse gay marriage.
  • Ask them whether an NHS/university/armed forces chaplain should lose their job for supporting traditional marriage.
  • Ask them whether couples should be banned from fostering children if they disagree with gay marriage.
  • Say the European Court recently ruled that public sector workers can be forced to act against their sincere beliefs about marriage.
  • Ask them whether churches should be thrown out of council-run village halls if they refuse to conduct gay weddings.
Yours sincerely,
Colin Hart
Colin Hart
Campaign Director
Coalition for Marriage

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