1 May 2013

Christian Concern:


LOCAL ELECTIONS: Use your vote to back real marriage: 

Many of you will have local elections in your area tomorrow (Thursday 2nd May).

Please take the time to find out which of your candidates supports marriage as between one man and one woman before you go to place your vote.
Visit your local council's website to find out who the candidates are.

Click here to read a leaflet which explains a bit more about marriage and the local elections.

Local authorities hold a lot power which they could use to penalise people or organisations who believe in authentic marriage, so it's important that local councillors are pro real marriage.

Local authorities employ thousands of people, including teachers, as well as arranging foster care and hiring out public buildings.

Click here to read a short briefing on why the redefinition of marriage is relevant to local government.

A poll reported in today's Telegraph indicates that the Conservative share of the vote is set to slump – and that the plan to redefine marriage makes far more people 'less likely' to vote Conservative than 'more likely' to do so.

Your vote makes a statement. David Cameron needs to understand that his determination to introduce same sex 'marriage' means that the many local Conservative candidates who support traditional marriage will lose votes because of his policy. 

If David Cameron's plan to redefine marriage means that you won't vote Conservative this week then please consider telling your local Conservative candidate that this is the reason

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