2 May 2013

Good News-Bad News:

On Monday night's BEACON OF HOPE webcast, we announced
that a small group of donors put up a ...


These donors are participants in local 40 Days for Life
campaigns and see firsthand what God is doing through
this effort.

They want to DOUBLE your tax-deductible, one-time gift
(or the annualized amount of your monthly pledge) to
40 Days for Life ... up to $99,000 ... if your gift is
made by next TUESDAY, MAY 7.

Now, that's good news.

Here's the BAD NEWS ...

... thus far, only 218 people have contributed toward
the match, and we still have a LONG way to go.

As you know, we rarely use email to ask for contributions,
so we don't want to leave any of these donors' generosity
sitting on the table.

If at all possible, please make your most generous gift
to 40 Days for Life TODAY -- and have it doubled.

We promise to use every dollar to save the most lives
possible as -- with God’s blessings and guidance -- we
strive to provide a BEACON OF HOPE with our mission.

If God is weighing on your heart to make a one-time,
tax-deductible gift that will be instantly DOUBLED,
go to:


On that page, you can make a secure donation online,
or you can print out a form where you can indicate
your one-time gift and mail it in -- but it MUST be
postmarked by next Tuesday to be doubled.

If you feel called to make a tax-deductible pledge
of ongoing monthly support (the annualized amount of
your monthly pledge will be DOUBLED) go now to:


We are VERY grateful that God has provided this
amazing opportunity at this crucial moment -- and
hope that you feel led to respond generously.

For Life,

Shawn Carney
Campaign Director
40 Days for Life
(To donate-please click:here)

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