9 May 2013

Pray More Novenas-God Hears The Cry Of The Poor:

Peace be with you!
I'm looking forward to seeing the great things that God does for you during this novena!
He is faithful and loving. 
He is good and gracious. 
He hears our prayers.
Although we may not always see it right away, He will provide for us. Sometimes we don't see it at all. But, sometimes we do see it quickly and clearly. 
Here are two examples of people who saw God's hand in their lives from last year's Pentecost Novena.
"Prayers are being answered, thanks be to God! Throughout this novena, changes are happening regarding the very intentions I had for the novena! Thank you all for praying."
     - Sandra
"I forgot to pray the Novena for a couple of days. I was very disappointed in myself, and even thought about discontinuing the Novena, I didn't. How thankful I am that I didn't! ...I simply caught up by doing all of the daily prayers that I had missed on that same day, last Saturday, before Pentecost. Then, on Pentecost, a miraculous thing happened, my intention was answered! ...Can you beleive it? Praise God!!!"
     - Kristin
Do you know someone who could use prayers?
Do you know friends or family members who have intentions to pray for? 
Will you help me find people who need the Holy Spirit in their lives?
There are people in your life who need the Holy Spirit. You can help them.
There are people who are, deep down, yearning for the Spirit of God. Please reach out to them and offer them this prayer asking them to join us.
They can sign up here:
We're praying for you!
God Bless You,
     John-Paul & Annie - PrayMoreNovenas.com
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