19 July 2013

Christian Concern-Is this a sign of things to come?:

Is this a sign of things to come?

Watch a short interview with
Alan Craig, who explains what
happened with the billboard
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Whilst gay campaigners celebrated outside Parliament on Monday evening, a truck carrying a billboard which read "Equal Marriage: Thank You" drove past several times.

But a truck carrying a pro-children billboard, also due to be there in Westminster on the same day, was nowhere to be seen.

This is the billboard design, making the point that children do best with a mum and dad:

So, what happened?

Alan Craig, campaign director for GayMarriageNoThanks, explains:

"While the van was travelling around [on Sunday], at one stage the billboard was pulled off one side by some bystanders who shouted obsceneties...

"The Adtrailers company phoned us up and said they couldn't run the advert the next day. They had received violent threats, they had received threatening emails. They said they couldn't afford to drive the advert around Parliament Square and Westminster again. They were concerned about the safety of their own staff.

"Our campaign was derailed by criminal verbal threats of violence to the staff of Adtrailers."

This kind of opposition is only likely to get worse with the passage of the same sex marriage Bill.

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