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Heritage Days: Start Countdown To: St Bede’s Church Jarrow 
150th Anniversary
On the 27th of December  2011 the Parish of St Bede's Jarrow will be celebrating the 150th Anniversary of the opening of the present Roman Catholic Church of St Bede!
'On Sunday, 27th December, 1861. The Rev. E. Kelly, South Shields, sang High Mass, with Monsignor Eyre, Canon of St. Mary's Cathedral, Newcastle, as Deacon and the Rev. G. Meynell, the new priests of the Mission, as sub-Deacon'.These words are taken from M.J Young's little booklet "The History of Catholic Jarrow"! (There is a copy of this Booket in Jarrow Library)

For the last several weeks or so St Bede’s Church in Jarrow has been open to visitors, which is a requirement as to  receive the Heritage Grant!  Therefore, this has caused Ye Olde Jarra Scribe to ponder and reminisce especially, as I was around for the Church’s Centenary in December 1961!
On that occasion there were in being: Several Masses on a Sunday, Several Priests, Several Educational Establishments, Several Institutions, plus a Recreational Field!  
Now at the approach of the 150th anniversary of the Church there is: One Sunday Mass, One Priest (shared with the cluster), One Educational Establishment? No Institutions, No Recreational Field!
Has Vatican 11 and the post Concilliar Years been  both a disaster and diabolical disorientation  to the Local Church; as well as to that of  the Global Eclessia? (M.J Young/youtube)
St Bede's Infants School Monkton Road Jarrow

'Glorious St Bede Pray That We May Praise God for All Eternity"


St Bede's Primary School Harold Street Jarrow:

A Flagship For Catholic And Holistic Education!

Please Pray And Support If And When You Can So: That This  Wonderful  Educational Establishment, Which Is A  Haven  And Enviroment Of  Catholic Educational Excellence Will Not Be Moved From Its' Present Central Jarrow Site! (Please Remember That It Is A Possibility If This  Catholic Primary School Closes Or Is Moved To The Proposed New Site With Shared Facilities With that Of The New State  School That Is Also  Being Built Side By Side: As The Catholic Enity Maybe Absorbed And Incorporated Into The State Sector! (No Catholic Primary School: No Jarrow St Bede's Church Or Parish) Thank You!  

Government Cuts-Save St Bede's Primary School Harold St Jarrow:

Deo Gratias-Prayers Answered-No Ecumenical School!

St Bede's RC Primary School Jarrow Saved! 

New Center For Catholic Studies:

(H/t The Center For Catholic Studies