29 April 2012

Afternoon Thoughts-The vocation to prayer is none other than this.:

 Once you have reached an inner harbour of peace and trnquility 
amidst the storms of a passing world , you are to still the constants thoughts of the mind that take
 you of in all sorts of directions and gently place the mind in the heart .

Once you have done this enter in to the heart and stand in the most seceret and sacred
part of that heart and go on repeating the prayer as long as life shall last .
In this you will always stand alone before the "ONE" on behalf  of all .

It is from this most secret place in the heart that you will come to see and discern all things .
The Lord will instruct you in this most sacred space of silence and solitude and teach you 
however poor and simple you are the hidden mysteries of His kingdom .

When faced with situations or words of others spoken or written the movement of your
heart will teach you what is true or false .
From this movement in the most sacred place of your heart overflowing from this words of truth
and understanding will flow to a person or a situation . 

Like the Fathers and Mothers of the Desert it is this inner movement that will eventually 
evolve in to the "Word " that you speak to others.
It is from this sacred place within where only you can enter and be alone with God you
will simply know what is far beyond the walls of your little Hermitage in the House of God ,
The gate of Heaven .

You will simply come to know what is and what is happening without need
of news papers , radio , or television . 
Within this most sacred place in the deepest silence 
thoughts , words , conversations will echo and God will teach you in secret exactly what you 
need to know in the exact moment that you need to know it in . (Father Lazarus)

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