26 October 2012

Christian Concern:

Christian ConcernACTION ALERT:
Ask your MP to attend abortion debate

On Wednesday (31st Oct), MPs will debate whether to reduce the upper time limit for abortion from 24 weeks.

It’s important that as many MPs as possible attend the debate and speak in favour of reducing the upper limit.

Please contact your MP, asking them to attend and speak in favour. We’ve made it very easy for you. Just fill in this quick pre-prepared form >


Nadine Dorries MP

The debate has been called by Nadine Dorries MP. It will take place in Westminster Hall on Wednesday at 9.30am. There won’t be a vote this time, so it’s important that as many MPs as possible speak in favour of the motion so that it can go to a vote in Parliament next year.

You can
make a real difference by asking your MP to be there. Just go to this page, enter your postcode and we’ll find your MP. You’ll be able to choose various possible reasons to put to your MP, personalise the email if you wish and then send it directly to your MP. It needn’t take more than five minutes.

Go to page >

Let’s use this
important opportunity to speak up for the vulnerable, to our MPs.(Christian Concern:here)

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