26 November 2012

A Message From America Needs Fatima:

Will You Please Help Support
With A Special $18 Christmas Donation
The Food Budget Of One Of Our Fatima
Custodians While He’s Out On The
Road 9 Months Of The Year
Doing Fatima Visits?

- - - Eight To Eleven Custodians - - - About 7,290 Meals - - -

Countless Souls Touched

And Here’s Why I Believe
Our Lady Smiles On Them Continuously
And Why They’re Worth Your Hard-Earned Money:

Fatima Visits Change Lives
“As one Fatima Custodian left a home in Louisiana, the man of the house was at the door holding back his emotion. Looking straight into the Custodian’s eyes, he said: “Your visit tonight changed my life.”

Like the Prodigal Son
“My life has changed forever as a result of having the Blessed Mother visit my home. Many years ago I had some problems that led me away from God and the Church. Hence, I was cut off from both for a long time. I had given up all hope of ever being able to return to the Church and the Sacraments. However, the visit of Our Lady led me back Home…to God and the Church. After much prayer and thought…I returned to the Church and the Sacraments.” C.D., Dayton, Ohio
“For As Long As We Live…”
“We are writing to highly complement Nicholas Mak. He was very Catholic in his presentation of the Home-visitation program.

It has changed our lives because we are now kneeling in front of the statue of Mary, reciting our Divine Mercy Chaplet. Perhaps, as time wears on,…our rosary. We had been praying separately. This visitation has set our hearts and minds straight. For as long as we live we will always cherish the honor of the Pilgrim Virgin visit.M. and U.T., Hickory, Kentucky

Many Return to Mass & Rosary
“I recently had the honor of a home visitation by our wonderful Mother and her kind and loving custodians. It was such a wonderful and happy occasion. Many of those present were family. There were about 50, including children. Many had not been to Mass or said the Rosary for many years and after our Mother’s visit they started going back to Mass and saying the Rosary.” — V. & A.M., Calif.

     “We want to express our sincere thanks to your organization for our blessed visit with Our Lady’s Pilgrim Statute yesterday and to compliment Joseph Ferrara. He is well grounded in his . . . . tremendous and inspiring presentation, theology, and knowledge, and was an excellent representative for your organization and Holy Mother’s cause.” — M.&E. H., Via e-mail.

  Your $18 or more donation will help fund a full year’s meals for our 8 – 11 Fatima Custodians, each traveling across America in their van for over 270 days a year.

     Join me in making this continue for Our Lady’s cause of touching souls and bringing them back or solidifying them in their devotion to Her Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Mystical Body, our one, holy, Roman, Catholic, and Apostolic Church!

Thank you!

Gratefully, in Jesus and Mary,


Robert E. Ritchie

Robert E. Ritchie
America Needs Fatima

P.S. – I’d just like to remind you that when you help towards food for a Fatima Custodian, you establish a spiritual partnership with them, and will share in their prayer and apostolate.

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