27 November 2012


Wilfred Wong, who is one of the supporters on our mailing list, has written in with a very urgent prayer request below, regarding a serious pro-abortion threat to Ireland.
There is currently a very intense campaign for abortion to be legalised in the Republic of Ireland and the recent tragic death of Savita Halappanavar is being strongly used to encourage such laws even though the actual facts of that case are still unclear.
If abortion is legalised in the Republic of Ireland then pressure on Northern Ireland to liberalise access to abortion will grow very much stronger especially since people in the north can then simply cross over into the Irish Republic to get an abortion.
Marie Stopes recently opened the first abortion clinic in Belfast and over a month ago a conference of pro-abortionists considered how to broaden access to abortion in Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic as part of its agenda, so the current systematic drive to liberalise access to abortion is targeting both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.
So far there has only been a very small response from Irish Evangelicals to this pro-abortion challenge. Prayer continues to urgently be needed that Ireland's Evangelicals, Pentecostals and other non-Catholic Christians will take effective and robust action to oppose all attempts to legalise abortion in the Irish Republic and that all such attempts to legalise abortion are swiftly, completely and permanently defeated.

Many Irish Catholics are working on this issue but they need the active support of their fellow Christians! Furthermore the Irish Catholic Church has lost much of its influence on public issues especially since the child abuse scandals within their church.
The Irish panel of medical experts set up to consider the issue of abortion are expected to make their recommendations soon - please do pray that they will not recommend the legalising of abortion in the Irish Republic or any other measures resulting in easier access to abortion in that country.
Please pray that Ireland's Pro-Abortion Health Minister, James Reilly, who has been very actively pushing for the legalisation of abortion, will very soon be replaced by a strongly pro-life politician.
Pray also for Northern Ireland that access to abortion there will not be broadened in any way.
God detests the shedding of innocent blood (Proverbs 6:16 & 17) and legalising abortion will trigger such slaughter of the innocents on a massive scale.
Very good pro-life responses below to the tragic death of Savita Halappanavar
If you have any questions about this issue or would like to be updated regarding the abortion threat to Ireland please E-Mail Wilfred Wong at: wilfred.wong@btopenworld.com
best wishes,
Wilfred Wong & David Skinner

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