30 December 2012

Afternon Thoughts- How to Receive Holy Communion:

Immediately after receiving our Lord, while you are interiorly recollected, introduce Jesus into the Heart of Mary.  There give Him to His Mother.  She will receive Him lovingly and will adore Him profoundly.  She will render Him in spirit and in truth many honors which we can not because of our ignorance.  Lay your heart at the feet of the heavenly King and offer your will....Do not disturb your soul as long as it is recollected and at peace in the Heart of Jesus.  In this gentle rest on the Heart of your God, your soul receives grace which nourishes it, unites it more sweetly to its Beloved.... and Profits It More Than Any Other Spiritual Exercise!

When this moment is passed, then begin to thank God for the great gift of Himself.(Spiritual Gems:here) St. Louis de Montfort

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