21 January 2013

We All Need Hope:

Peace be with you!
I haven't told you my intention for the St. John Bosco Novena. Well, here it is...
You see, St. John Bosco spent much of his life bringing the Hope of Christ to young people. 
It's easy for the youth to give in to cynicism and dispair. It is especially easy for the youth who St. John spent his time with to lose hope. 
So, for this novena I want to pray for hope. 
I think it's important that we pray for specific, concrete things. "Hope" isn't very specific or concrete. But, I'll make it more concrete as we pray.
I'd love for you to share what you're going to pray for on the website. Click here to post your prayer intentions! (Note - if you add your intention, your name and intention will be publicly viewable)
God bless you!
   John-Paul - PrayMoreNovenas.com

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