12 February 2013

A Message From John Paul At Pray More Novenas:

Peace be with you!
A priest I know sent me a text message this morning that I couldn't believe. 
It said that the Pope was going to resign. 
I was shocked and thought it was a joke at first. But, it was true!
My first thought was that we need to pray. 
So, we shall pray!
I had already been planning a novena for Pope Benedict's birthday in April. So, I quickly texted my wife, Annie, and told her that we would need to move the novena up.
It looks like Pope Benedict's last day as Pope will be February 28th. He said that he was stepping down because of his age and declining energy.
So, I think we should pray for Pope Benedict in his last days as Pope!
We will pray a novena starting on Tuesday the 19th to end on his last day. 
It will be our 'retirement gift' to Pope Benedict! 
We will pray in thanksgiving for Pope Benedict's service, for his health and for the Papacy!
I quickly put together a page about this that you can share with your friends and family who might want to join us in prayer for our Holy Father:
What about the next Pope, you ask? 
We will do a novena for the election of a new Pope when the conclave has been convened. So, keep an eye out for that as Pope Benedict has called for a new Pope to be elected by Easter.
God bless you!
   John-Paul - PrayMoreNovenas.com
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