21 February 2013

Afternoon Thoughts-To Jesus Through Mary:

The Critical Role Of God's Mother at This Time:
If we wish to be full members of Jesus Christ, all the manifestations of His life must be inside of us in a real way.  Now the greatest manisfestation of that love is the Immaculate Conception...Mary His Mother... and our Mother... through whom He willed to be born and bring us our eternal salvation.
When we have in ourselves a place for the Love of Jesus for Mary,  when we love Mary together with Jesus, we fulfill God's desire; and then as a consequence, Mary comes to us with her love of Jesus.
Mary takes everything that is ours and in return she gives everything that is uniquely her possesion:  her desire for God to be loved.  Her only purpose is that Jesus be loved,  and she intercedes constantly that His love be poured into our hearts. The Mother of God directs our entire existence to the love of God the Father in Jesus through the Holy spirit.  Every time Jesus turns to Mary asking: Mother what do you desire?  She has only one answer:  Son that you be loved with Your own love...the love You gave to me to love You... and which You now wish to share with all of Your children who choose this grace! 
(Barbara Kloss and AP Marcus-MyConsecration:here)

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