7 February 2013

Christian Concern:

 Christian Concern

Plenty of 'No' votes against Same Sex Marriage Bill

Thank you for praying for the vote in the House of Commons on same sex marriage yesterday. Although the Bill passed (400 for and 175 against), there is still a long way to go before the Same Sex Marriage Bill becomes law.

That's why we're asking you to keep on praying because the issue is far from settled.

There were more 'No' votes than expected, which is very encouraging for marriage supporters. Over half of Conservative MPs voted against the Bill. A number of Labour and Liberal Democrat MPs also voted against, despite pressure not to.

See how your MP voted...

Please take a look to see how your MP voted. Click here to see the list (if you don't know who your MP is, click here to find out).
  • If they voted against the Same Sex Marriage Bill, please thank them for doing so.
  • If they voted for it, please let them know how disappointed you are and whether they have now lost your vote. 
  • To contact your MP, search for them here and then click on their name to see contact details.
A number of MPs and commentators have said that this issue will be quickly forgotten. It's important that you keep contacting your MP where appropriate to highlight the importance of marriage.
Contact the Prime Minister
Even though David Cameron has been at the forefront of the effort to redefine marriage, he failed to attend the debate. It is astounding that he should be absent for such a significant Bill.

Please write to the Prime Minister to express your disappointment at his failure to attend the debate. You can send an email here or send a letter to: 10 Downing Street, London, SW1A 2AA.

Next steps
  • The Bill now goes to what's called the "Committee Stage," where the Public Bill Committee examines and amends the Bill
  • Then comes the Report Stage, where all MPs can suggest amendments
  • The final stage in the House of Commons is the Third Reading
After this, the Bill goes to the House of Lords for its first reading there. The Bill is expected to receive significantly more opposition in the Lords.

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