28 February 2013

Love is all that matters? Try telling that to sex-abuse victims:

Lynda Rose of Voice for Justice writes, ‘Nine men on trial at the Old Bailey, charged with grooming and raping over 50 young girls in a child trafficking ring based in Oxford!  Whatever next for the dreaming spires?’
‘……All the girls have apparently testified to the fact that at the time they believed themselves to be ‘in love’ with their abusers.  Said one,
“He told me he loved me. He said he would take me to Saudi Arabia when I was 15 and marry me.”’
‘If it were not all so incredibly tragic, it would be laughable.  Young, lonely children – which is what these girls were - desperate for attention and love, taken in by ravening sex monsters; who treated them with contempt’.(Voice For Justice UK:here)

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