16 February 2013

Pray More Novenas-A Message From John Paul:

Peace be with you!
Before, I had said that the novena would start on Tuesday the 19th. However, I was wrong. 
I think my math was off :) 
So, we will actually be starting on Wednesday the 20th.  The last day will be Thursday the 28th, which is the Pope's last day.
I apologize for the mistake! 
But, on the bright side, it gives us one more day to try and get 50,000 people to pray with us!
Right now, we're at 39,429 - so if you haven't already spread the word, please do so before Wednesday!
Just send people to this link:
Or Share it here:
Taking just a couple minutes to do that is a big help!
Thank you so much for joining me in prayer for the Holy Father in this important time. 
God bless you!
   John-Paul - PrayMoreNovenas.com
P.S. Here are some other ways to spread the word:
I also set up a Facebook Event, you can join and invite your Facebook friends here:
Finally, if you have a blog or website - please consider writing an article about this for your readers. 
below. Instead, respond to whoever sent you this message and ask them to stop.

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