8 February 2013

Should These MPS Be Excommunicated:

Surely, in view of the recent parliamentary vote on Same Sex Marriage (Redefinition Of Marriage Bill ) every Catholic MP who voted for or who abstained from  voting for this abhorrent Bill should be 


Catholic MPS vote for gay marriage:

From The Tablet:

8 February 2013
 A majority of Catholic MPs voted in favour of allowing same-sex marriage after a second reading of the Government's bill on Tuesday.
In total, 400 MPs voted for the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) bill and 175 voted against.
A breakdown of those who voted shows that a substantial majority of Catholic MPs backed the move.
Out of the 82 Catholic MPs, 47 - almost 60 per cent - were in favour of same-sex marriage. Of these, 32 are Labour, 12 Conservative, two Liberal Democrat and one SDLP.
Supporters of the legislation included Iain Duncan Smith, the Work and Pensions Secretary, and Patrick McLoughlin, the Transport Secretary.
Twenty-eight Catholic MPs voted against the bill including Sarah Teather, the Liberal Democrat former children's minister. She said: "It was one of the most difficult decisions I have ever taken."
Fifteen Labour MPs voted against the legislation, along with 11 Conservatives and two Liberal Democrats - Ms Teather and John Pugh, MP for Southport. Seven Catholic MPs did not register a vote: two Conservatives, two Liberal Democrats, one member of the SNP and two members of the SDLP. (With permission from the publisher-The article by Christopher Lamb and Sam Adams entitled Catholic MPs vote for gay marriage’, published on the Tablet website and in The Tablet of 9 February 2013-The Tablet:here)-To see a full list of how the MPS voted Click on Coalition4marriage:here)


  1. Hi Jarra lad!

    I was trying to locate the names of the Scots Catholic MPs who voted FOR this evil legislation when I came across this - and I'm writing a piece for the newsletter on this same topic. So, great minds think alike!

    Only one thing, which I hope you don't mind me mentioning - and I published an extract from the link I'm about to place here, in the newsletter some time ago - but we are NOT "Roman Catholics" (unless born in Rome!) The Protestants gave us this title for reasons explained in the article so I find it a bit disappointing when I see it spread right across the internet on Catholic sites.

    Anyway, hope you are planning to send for your ticket soon for the Catholic Truth conference! I'd love to see you there - with a busload from the north east if possible! If you've never been to Celtic Park, this is your chance!

  2. Dear EditorCT/Pat,
    Thank you for your comment-you are absolutely correct-I have now deleted the word (Roman)!