7 March 2013

The Fatima Network:

The Fatima Network
Our Lady's Electronic News Release: March 5, 2013
Fatima Center News Release


March 5, 2013

      These are exciting and momentous times for the Church and the world. We are in Rome, following the latest developments and bringing them to you in as close to live time as possible. To stay on top of the latest news that will lead to the election of a new Pope, go to www.fatima.org.

     Father Gruner, Christopher Ferrara and other friends of Our Lady's Apostolate are on the scene in St. Peter's Square, outside the Sistine Chapel and wherever news is happening in the Eternal City. They will be reporting daily. No spin. Just the facts, such as you will get them from no other source. Stay in the know. Stay with us. History is unfolding before our eyes. Whether it will be tragic or triumphant depends on whether the new Pope will obey Our Lady of Fatima. Pray like you never have! The fate of the world and the Church hang in the balance!

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