21 March 2013

Rally For Marriage:



The French group, La Manif Pour Tous (March for All), is organising a special rally in Trafalgar Square this Sunday (24th March) from 2pm - 5pm. The event will coincide with a similar event in Paris. 
A march organised by the group in Paris in January and led by French comedian Frigide Barjot attracted around 1 million people! This Sunday more than 1 million are expected in Paris and thousands in London. 

Controversial legislation to re-define marriage and allow children to be adopted by same-sex couples has already been passed by the French National Assembly and is due to be debated by the Senate in April.

As you know, the Government's 'Same Sex Marriage' Bill passed its second reading in the House of Commons in February despite significant opposition from back-bench Conservative MPs. If it passes at the third reading it will then be debated in the House of Lords.

It is not too late to express support for honest marriage. Let's do so together this Sunday. 
French organisers of Sunday's march see it as a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate opposition to BOTH the French and UK Government's plans - that have come about with little warning and little consultation. It's a pan-European challenge. It needs a pan-European response.
Be part of something significant this Sunday!  Can you join us on Sunday as we support this demonstration? Can you spare an hour - or even three - to stand up for 'honest marriage' - for the sake of children and future generations? 
Sunday 24th March - Trafalgar Square - 2pm - 5pm  Nearest Underground: Charing Cross / Embankment / Piccadilly Circus / Leicester Square
Banners and placards will be provided - please DON'T bring your own!
There will be a variety of speakers. Families and children welcome.

For more information please visit: www.lamanifpourtousalondres.com

See you there!

Rally for Marriage, As Between One Man and One Woman.
Sunday 24th March 2 - 5pm

Dear Friends,
This is your time... your time to make the political establishment, the media elites and the small, well-orchestrated band of activists pushing their radical same-sex marriage agenda on the country step back and take notice.
This is your chance ... your  chance  to send the message more loudly and more clearly than ever before — that the British  people will stand up and defend marriage as the union of one man and one woman because they know that children have a right to a mother and a father.
This is your freedom  ... your freedom   to bring the broadest coalition of marriage supporters to the table — Protestants, Mormons, Jews, Roman Catholics, Greek and Russian Orthodox, Muslims, Hindus and those of no religious tradition — Christian advocacy organizations, women’s groups, those groups fighting for justice, news groups and educational institutions — all coming together for one single purpose:
To preserve marriage as the union of one man and one woman!
Be a part of this growing grassroots coalition to support this historic Rally for Marriage. Use the freedoms of conscience and speech for which our forebears spent their very lives so that we might live righteous lives in peace.  Use them or lose them!
No doubt many Christians, quite rightly, are constrained by duties at their local churches and I would not wish to take them away from that, but some might also feel that Christians should not be involved in worldly affairs on the Lord’s day. If that were the case, should we shut down all emergency services? Did not Christ heal on the Sabbath?
Some might feel that we should not be joining hands with the unsaved, least of all with those who adhere to a faith that we deem to be anathema; but did not the good Samaritan come to the rescue of a Jew, whilst the Pharisees passed by on the other side of the road?  
Finally, “making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil,” this might indeed be the opportunity to speak to just one person about the Cross of Jesus Christ and His saving grace.
Please support the Rally for Marriage which has been organised by a French group, La Manif Pour Tous. They support traditional marriage and have organised a march at the same time, in Paris. The American people are also organising a march for marriage, two days later on the 26th March. So join us in making this a truly international push back against those forces that are determined to destroy our marriages, families, children and the nation.  If you wish to attend, here is when and where to meet:
Trafalgar Square, London
2pm-5pm Sunday 24 March
For more info:
David Skinner

Re:   RALLY FOR MARRIAGE, TRAFALGAR SQUARE, LONDON , Sunday 24th march,. 2-5. pm

Damien, the organiser has said, that they are still missing  some Stewards for ensuring a reliable security.

He asks me to  encourage people to volunteer for this task, so as to make the afternoon as smooth running as possible. 
The person to contact is  Geoffroy who is responsible for security : gcvx@yahoo.fr

Thank you again for your help and strong support,

Damien Fournier Montgieux
David Skinner

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