19 March 2013

Society of St. Pius X Will Be Consecrated to St.Joseph Today:

As a result of the SSPX’s 2012 General Chapter, it was decided to place the Society under the patronage of St. Joseph, Patron of the Universal Church and therefore protector of Holy Church.
This solemn dedication will occur on March 19th through an act of consecration of the priestly society in all of the SSPX’s houses and chapels.
Will this consecration to St Joseph, one of the most powerful saints in Heaven, bring the regularisation of the SSPX closer? Will the Patron of the Universal Church win all the necessary graces for all concerned to make that happen? Is there any significance in the fact that the installation of the new Pope, Francis I, also takes place on this great Feast? (Thanks to Catholic Truth Scotland:here)

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