28 March 2013

Today Is Maundy Thursday-The Start Of The Sacred Triduum::

Pope Francis Celebrates The Chrism Mass In Rome

The Mas Of The Lord's Supper
Collect of the Mass:
Deus, a quo et Judas reátus sui pœnam, et confessiónis suæ latro præmium sumpsit, concéde nobis tuæ propitiatiónis efféctum; ut, sicut in passióne sua Jesus Christus Dóminus noster divérsa utrísqua íntulit stipéndia meritórum: ita nobis, abláto vetustátis erróre, resurrectiónis suæ grátiam largiátur: Qui tecum vivit et regnat...

O God, from whom Judas received the punishment of his guilt, and the thief the reward of his confession: grant unto us the full fruit of Thy clemency; that even as in His Passion our Lord Jesus Christ gave to each retribution according to his merits, so having cleared away our former guilt, He may bestow on us the grace of His Resurrection: Who with Thee...

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