10 March 2013

Who Should Be The Next Pope ?

The Man Who Could Fit These Shoes So -To Speak 
 And Who Meets  The  Criteria below:
 Who is the man most likely to continue the Benedictine reforms and to bring about a reconciliation with the SSPX?
Who has celebrated Mass in the Extraordinary Form and believes that it leads us to higher levels of spirituality?

 Cardinal Raymond L Burke, of course. (Thanks to Richard-Linen On The Hedgerow:here)

Here are the  Cardinals who celebrate The Traditional Mass:

Philippe Barbarin
Raymond Burke
Carlo Caffarra
Antonio Cañizares Llovera
Velasio De Paolis
George Pell
Albert Malcolm Ranjith
Jean-Pierre Ricard
Franc Rodé
Juan Sandoval Íñiguez
John Tong Hon
André Vingt-Trois
(Thanks to Pray Tell:here)



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