5 April 2013


Dear Friends,
The sexual exploitation of vulnerable children is happening somewhere near you. I therefore write to bring to your attention an important conference being held by Voice for Justice UK on the topic of combating sex trafficking.  The date is Saturday, April 13, 2013, and it is to be held at St Aldate’s church in the centre of Oxford.
See here for all details: http://www.vfjuk.org/#!events/c8ui
Trafficking, as you may know, is broadly defined in British law as any intentional act of recruitment involving the threat or use of force or coercion for the purposes of exploitation.  This means it includes all cases of deliberate sexual exploitation, whether involving children and young people brought into the country from abroad, or internal rings deliberately grooming vulnerable youngsters for the purposes of prostitution or paedophilia - including abuse by people such as Jimmy Savile and others in the entertainment world.  The problems are complex, vicious, and largely hidden - though in the last couple of years a number of such rings have been exposed, resulting in criminal investigation and prosecution nationwide.  Indeed, a grooming ring based in Oxford is currently undergoing trial at the Old Bailey, with sentencing expected soon.
 All these situations are a scandal that should not be happening in our society.  You may think that where you live is immune to these kinds of problems, but without doubt, the sexual exploitation of vulnerable children is happening somewhere near you, and as a society now we need to be able to recognise what is happening, and take action to deal with it.
  The aim of Fighting Sexual Exploitation is threefold.  First, to raise awareness, giving people a realistic idea of the scale of the problem and the underlying reasons that have led to this shocking development in 21st century Britain.  Second, to help people recognise when and where it is taking place.  And third, to link people up, encourage existing initiatives – and maybe help birth some new and effective strategies to help survivors.  Voice for Justice UK wants to reclaim our streets, make Britain safe, and help the victims of this appalling abuse.
The politicians tell us that all is well in the state of Britain (apart from the economy of course), where the Equality and Human Rights Commission, and the advisors on diversity, tolerance, non- discrimination, and inclusion are putting us at the very cutting edge of a progressive 21st century; but there is no voice for justice, righteousness and truth. This is silenced
I urge you if at all possible to attend, to see what you can do to help to make this voice heard, in your communities and schools. There's a great range of speakers – including politicians Jim Dobbin and Michael Connarty, both working with trafficking issues, a serving officer with the Met, social analysts, and specialists on the ground working with survivors.  Full details and online booking can be found at the VfJUK website :    
 See attachment for directions and parking
For further enquiries contact 01793 862120

 David Skinner

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