6 April 2013

Update On Petition:

This has been an inspiring week. I am incredibly grateful to everyone for taking the time out to sign the petition and change the public debate. 
On Monday I'll be delivering the petition and it would be great to hit 500,000 signatures by then -- we're just 60,000 away. Can you take a moment to share the petition with your friends and family this weekend and ask them to sign? Just forward the email below. 
The more people that sign the petition the harder it will be for Iain Duncan Smith to dismiss the genuine concerns of almost half a million people as "a stunt". 
So please forward this email to friends or family and ask them to add their name by Monday.
P.S. I've also been sent this infographic showing how many people across the UK are backing this petition. Click here to share it on Twitter.
-------------- Email to forward to friends and family ------------------
Have you signed the petition to have Iain Duncan Smith, the Work and Pensions Secretary, live on £53 a week? I added my name here: www.change.org/IDSpetition  
In a radio interview on Monday, Iain Duncan Smith was asked by a market stall trader if he could live on £53 a week, the amount the trader said he must survive on after recent benefit cuts. Iain Duncan Smith replied "If I had to, I would."
The petition is calling on Iain Duncan Smith to prove it and live on this budget for at least a year.
More than 440,000 have already signed the petition and we want to hit 500,000 by Monday when the petition will be delivered. So please sign now at: www.change.org/IDSpetition 

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