29 April 2013


Dear Friends,

Canon Chris Sugden of Anglican Mainstream urges us to keep writing to our MPs and the Peers, regarding the same – sex marriage bill.  (Remember the widow nagging the unjust judge). Also read Ezekiel 33 and be reminded that we will be raining coals down on the head of our MPs if they do no heed our warnings. At least we will have done our duty.
 Chris says on the AM web site:
“The Third Reading of the Same-sex marriage bill is due to take place in the House of Commons around May 20. Following that, the bill will be debated in the House of Lords in June. Many people wrongly assume that there is nothing now to stop the bill becoming law. This is a false assumption. There is still a long way to go and the bill could be defeated……”  Please read the rest [1]

He reminds that if same sex marriage is approved by the government, in a few months’ time, we will not be allowed to express the view at all in public that marriage is between a man and a woman. It will be illegal to even discuss the issue or homosexuality.  Overnight, we will lose freedoms of conscience, thought and speech that have taken centuries and the blood of our ancestors to win. Do you really want to know what it is like live in a tyranny?

Chris who spoke at the rally in Trafalgar Square on Palm Sunday of this year 2013, in support of marriage as between one man and one woman [2], has also recently spoken to Muslims in the mosque at Tooting [3].
The vast majority of Christian leaders in Britain seem to have gone into denial about the imminent danger into which Britain is about to be irretrievably plunged and are content to repeat Sunday after Sunday that their remit does not extend beyond preaching the Gospel.
 Well we have to say that after 60 years of evangelism, just preaching the Gospel has clearly not worked.  It seems to me that the Church has battened down the hatches and gone into denial about the seriousness of the crisis we are facing. It also ignores the fact that, apart from the four gospels, the rest of the New Testament is not just preaching the gospel but is speaking prophetically into specific situations and challenges facing the church in the first century.

Canon Chris Sugden appears to be a loan voice, a loan watchman on the wall, (Ezekiel 33) and indeed is regarded by some in the Church as an extremist – a dangerous fanatic. He was criticised by many for speaking out against same sex marriage, during the rally at Trafalgar Square because he was doing it on Palm Sunday (what was that about rescuing a child or an ox that falls into a well on the Sabbath day?). No doubt they identify with the gaystapo who were trying to drown out his message. [4] or they would prefer to  remain in their  bunkers, hoping that they  will not draw too much attention to themselves.

[1] http://www.anglican-mainstream.net/2013/04/23/update-on-the-same-sex-marriage-bill-in-the-uk/
Finally an English pastor, Adam Nixon, working in Rome, Italy, sent me this letter he has sent to a peer. I am inclined to copy and send it to my own MP. One could do worse by not writing at all.

Dear Lord/Baroness/ MP,

 I respectfully implore you to help save our nation from the beginnings of anarchic breakdown by voting 'NO' to the 'Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill', and speaking out against it, please.

I am deeply disappointed and indeed puzzled that the Bill has been pushed through the Commons without proper debate, for marriage is logically between a man and a woman, the biological precedent being clear. I wish this were a nightmare from which I could awake. Perhaps it is just a dream, for in the real waking world, this madness could not possibly be happening!

 The frequent 'bleat' we hear is that if two people 'love' one another, they should be allowed to get married. However, marriage is about much more than mere passing infatuation, as is evident from the ever-rising divorce rates.

 Marriage is about discipline, selfless mutual service, and the containment and prudent management of sexual lust within a single lifelong union as the building block of a stable, lawful, and temperate society, and the ideal environment in which to birth and raise children into honest, steadfast and well-adjusted adults. Contrasted with this, homosexuals, by their own admission, even if 'married', favour an 'open' marriage, (each partner being free to engage in sex with other partners), which they believe is the only way to hold a marriage together. This of course is a ridiculous paradox, makes  mockery of the institution of and even the word marriage and the whole point of it, and also insults the good manners and temperance of heterosexual couples (such as my wife and I, married now for twenty-six years), valuing, as it does, unfettered concupiscence over the discipline of chastity.

Needless to say, unfettered concupiscence leads to a manifestation of other unfettered antisocial habits and crimes, such as greed, theft, violence, drunkenness, drug abuse, unruly behaviour, jealousy, and murder. Any honest sociologist uncompromised by sexual sin of their own can report from sound research that the relaxing of sexual mores over the past fifty years lies at the root of Britain's social problems today, for if people cannot contain themselves in that most obviously private, sacred, and necessarily restricted of activities, it follows that they will not moderately and civilly contain themselves in any activity at all. And this is precisely what we have seen. Condoning the elemental savagery of practising homosexuality by allowing homosexual marriage is the final undone bolt which will open the floodgates to increased civic chaos and disobedience, and an ever widening moral maze which scientists and statesmen are already unable to solve or govern. It is the Pandora's Box which will finally destroy our civilisation, as we have already seen it destroy earlier civilisations such as the Roman Empire.

 Moreover, it is the most heinous and inhuman offence of all to accuse conventionally behaving, law abiding, heterosexual faithfully long-term married couples who have for centuries been the very building blocks of lawful society in Britain, of anti-social behaviour and to persecute them by law as if they were outlaws for insisting on cleaving to each other in faithful heterosexual marriage and wishing to publicly proclaim that heterosexual marriage is the only correct form of marriage. To label the law-abiding as criminals is a disgraceful and doomed way to run a country.

 And to believe that the nation will suddenly begin improving in prosperity and lawfulness by passing a law allowing two men to penetrate and fornicate with each other and call it marriage, and teaching children, our future citizens, to believe that this is correct, honourable and fruitful human behaviour, is sheer madness.

 I cannot believe that the world is so far advanced in this madness that I am even having to write this letter. To think that government has become so confused that the way forward has to be pointed out to them by unpaid citizens spending our own valuable time to instruct you by letter in the difference between right and wrong, as if you were children, is the stuff of bizarre Vonneguttian science fiction. Please see sense and save our nation from manifold future ills and plagues by protesting and voting 'NO' to the 'Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill'.

Yours sincerely,


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