23 May 2013

Christian Concern-Please Pray:

Prayer Alert: Playboy club hearing in heart of London - NOW

Please pray for a very important hearing taking place at the moment.
The Playboy club, which is located very close to an evangelical church in the Mayfair area of London, has made an application asking permission to provide burlesque entertainment.

If permission is granted, this kind of entertainment would be allowed at a limited number of times during the year. It's likely that the club will apply for a Sexual Entertainment Venue (SEV) licence in the future which would allow provision for sexual entertainment every night and completely change the character of the area in a negative way.

Christ Church Mayfair has objected, and Jon Payne is representing members of the church at the hearing.

When considering the application, the four licensing objectives must be taken into account – prevention of crime and disorder, protection of children from harm, and prevention of public nuisance and promotion of public safety.
  • Please pray for Jon Payne as he represents church members and makes his arguments
  • Please pray for the sub-committee as they consider the arguments
This is a public hearing taking place at City Hall, Victoria Street, London SW1E 6Q

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