30 May 2013

Christian Concern:ACTION ALERT: Help Save Marriage - Write to House of Lords Members:

Download a draft letter to use
(word doc) >

Download a list of peers to
write to (excel file) >

It's not too late to save marriage!

The House of Lords will vote on the Government's Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill this coming Monday 3rd June.

Now is the time for members of the House of Lords to hear from you about the bill. There's a real chance that the Bill can be defeated at this stage.

For maximum impact, please write and post your letters (rather than email). If you can handwrite some of your letters, this is even better.

Who to write to:
  • Click here to download a spreadsheet with a list of members of the House of Lords
  • If you know one of the peers, write to them
  • If you know that any of the peers live in your area, write to them
  • Write to as many Bishops as you can, preferably all of them
  • After that, write to peers with surnames beginning with the same letter as yours (e.g. if your name is Smith, write to Peers who have surnames beginning with S)

How to write:

1. Click here to download a draft letter
2. Use the form of address in the 'Letter Address' column of the spreadsheet at the start of the letter (e.g. Dear Lord Bruce). Use the form of address in the 'Full Title' column of the spreadsheet for the address in the letter and on the envelope (e.g. The Lord Aberdare, House of Lords, London, SW1A 0PW). (Click here to download the spreadsheet with a list of Peers.)
3. Personalise and amend the letter as you see fit, including writing your address in the top right hand corner and signing your name at the bottom
4. If you're a younger person, add this paragraph (inserting your age in the appropriate place) or something similar in your own words
5. If you're a member of a party (or have been in the past) mention that if you're writing to a peer of that party
6. If you're writing to a Bishop, add this paragraph or something similar in your own words
7. Check your letter for any mistakes
8. Post it!

There is no limit to the number of Peers you can write to. Please send letters to as many as you can. As a suggestion, please try and send 10 printed letters and three handwritten letters.

Please write in the next 24-48 hours!

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