25 June 2013

A Call to Arms:

Operation Sovereign – A Call to Arms

We live in an age of increasing Godlessness, with the Bible seeminglydaily rewritten to accommodate immorality.  This, combined with ever-growing restrictions on freedom of speech for those who maintain traditional belief,is at base an attack not just on society, but on Christianity too.
            Operation Sovereign is a prayer initiative that started just over two years ago in response to what we believe was a call from the Lord.  We felt Him saying that men and women paid lip service to Him, while rebelling against His rule.  But though they tried to remake God in their own image, He remains Sovereign, and He was going to act.  Good news!  But then we felt Him saying that for this to happen, He wanted us first to partner with Him in prayer,to open the doors mankind was so resolutely trying to shut.   We felt Him saying that He would act in response to our cry, and that we were to pray in His blessing and presence.
            So Operation Sovereign began in Oxford, with a specific call to prayer walk the streets for one year.  Back then around 40 people responded, giving a designated hour each week to walk a specific route – and we saw God begin to move.  In the second year it became a global call, with people in Australia, America, Africa and across Europe, joining with us here in the UK to devote 15 minutes every Wednesday to pray the Lord’s Light into specific issues and areas of darkness.  In that way, for this past year, the whole 24 hours of every Wednesday has been saturated in prayer across the world.  Again, the basic commission was to pray in the Lord’s presence and blessing.
Now this second phase is coming to an end, and we are marking the finish with a Prayer Colloquium at the Emmanuel Centre in London.  For a long time we had no idea what the title for that day might be, nor whether Operation Sovereign should continue.  But about two weeks ago, the Lord gave us a title:
A Call to Arms

We believe this reflects the growing intensity of the spiritual battle afflicting the world, and that the Lord is responding.  We believe He has sent out a summons in the heavens, and that He is once again calling us to partner with Him- to pray in His presence and open doors the enemy is trying to shut.  All spiritual battles are first fought in prayer.  Prayer underpins and forms the basis of action.  

Ours is a spiritual battle that will unleash the power of God.  Will you join us?
Please come and find out more at “Operation Sovereign – A Call to Arms”

Place:               The Emmanuel Centre, 9-23 Marsham Street, London SW1P 3DW
Date:                           Saturday, July 20th
Time:               11 am – 4 pm
Cost:                £10

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