19 June 2013

Christian Concern-Mediation - Law Society ban on marriage conference:

This afternoon we're engaged in an important mediation with the Law Society!
Please pray for a just and fair outcome:

We had booked the Society's HQ in London for a conference on marriage in May last year but were told just days before the event that it breached "equality and diversity" policies as the Law Society supports same sex marriage. We were therefore banned from holding the conference there.

The conference speakers held mainstream views on marriage as between a man and a woman. They included academics, the head of a political think tank and a writer for the Telegraph newspaper.

What is so concerning is that this kind of 'censorship' is happening before any change in the law on marriage. This mediation is very timely because it's taking place at the same time the House of Lords is discussing the same sex 'marriage' Bill at committee stage. What happened with the Law Society is an indication of what we can expect if the Bill becomes law. Individuals and organisations with a traditional view of marriage will find themselves excluded from expressing their views in public fora.

The fact that we were barred from the venue before any change in law suggests that amendments to the Bill will not be enough to safeguard important freedoms concerning views on marriage.

Please pray:
  • for the CLC team as they make their arguments
  • that the Law Society's actions would be exposed as a form of censorship
  • that Peers in the House of Lords would note this incident and realise how destructive the same sex marriage Bill is
*Further News* - Girl Guides drop God from Promise

The Girl Guides have sadly decided to change the Guiding Promise, removing any reference to God.

The Promise now says "To be true to myself and develop my beliefs".

Listen to Andrea Williams discuss the change on BBC 5Live Breakfast >


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