4 June 2013

CHRISTIAN CONCERN- URGENT: Call Bishops facing pressure to stay away from marriage vote this evening:

Archbishop of Canterbury,
Justin Welby
The Telegraph has reported that Bishops in the House of Lords are facing pressure to abstain from voting on the Same Sex Marriage Bill.

Church of England officials apparently fear that if the Bill is rejected, the Bishops will be blamed for swinging the vote.

Click here to see the article.

It's vital that these church leaders take a stand on God's Word and uphold His design for marriage. The consequences of this law being passed will be very serious. Christians are looking to them to lead on this issue and take a clear position.

Please call the Bishops offices again today before the vote in the House of Lords (expected this evening).

Tell them that you are praying for them and ask them to stand up to the pressure and vote for Lord Dear's amendment (which would halt the Bill).

Please be kind and courteous when you call, as well as firm.

Here is a corrected list of numbers for the Bishops' offices:(Here)

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