27 June 2013

Please Pray For And Support The Following:

Dear Friends,

We are rolling out an urgent new ad campaign in London which is intended to challenge the same-sex marriage Bill currently passing through Parliament. Children are at the heart of marriage as we understand it, yet the debate has completely ignored them and the effect on them if the Bill becomes law. So far the debate has been solely about the needs and interests of adults.

We put an advert in The Times last week, giving 10 good reasons why the House of Lords should reject the Bill, and sent a copy of the advert to every Peer. Those ten reasons concentrated mainly on the wellbeing of children. We also launched an associated new website, www.GayMarriageNoThanks.com

We believe God is in this initiative. "Suffer little children to come unto Me."

So now we plan to raise the issue of children and the Bill yet again. We intend, God willing, to display the following advert on billboards across London as soon as possible, before the Bill commences on the Report Stage in the House of Lords on 8th July.

It costs about £750 to hire a billboard so we are appealing to you once again to ask if you can support this initiative financially. Feel free to send £5 or to pay £750 for a whole billboard; every contribution to this vital campaign is welcome!

If you can give, please donate via the 'Donate' button on the Anglican Mainstream website www.anglican-mainstream.net or send a cheque made payable to Anglican Mainstream to its office at 21 High Street, Eynsham, Oxon OX29 4HE. Mark the cheque for 'Billboards'.

If you could pray too that would be great! And if you would pass the advert on to others for their financial help, that too would be deeply appreciated.

Please get back to me or David if you wish to know more.

God bless and keep, and give you hope


Dr Lisa Nolland and/for David Skinner


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