17 June 2013

The Times Ad against Same Sex Marriage:

Dear Friends, 
First of all thank you so much for responding so quickly to our appeal to raise £10000 pounds in order to place an advertisement in today’s The Times newspaper, 17th June, 2013, stating ten good reasons why the House of Lords should say No to the same-sex marriage Bill.
Please buy your copy, today. The ad somewhere near page 34.
The ad uses secular language and arguments as we want to engage our opponents on mainstream ground; they have emotionalism but we have facts and evidence. We are concentrating especially  on the wellbeing of children as at the moment gay rights trump children's rights. We want to reverse that.
Your response to our appeal for funding the ad was immediate and came literally from all parts of the globe.  The 4200 email respondents whom I garnered from a petition that many of you signed, back in 2010, in support of Mr and Mrs Bull’s bed and breakfast at Chymorvah in Cornwall, are both a tremendous source of encouragement and intelligence. One of you, just one, whom I will not name, was responsible for supplying information that enabled us to humble Tesco, ever since it’s Head of Research and Development, Nick Lansley mocked the dead body of Christ and decided to support World Pride 2013. God uses the insignificant individual to bring down those dare to defame His glorious name. [1]

You have also helped to launch the new website http://www.gaymarriagenothanks.com/ to coincide with the start of the committee stage of the SSM Bill in the House of Lords today. This new initiative has involved a lot of work by a small Band of Brothers and Sisters, of whom you are all key.
Spearheading this is Alan Craig [2], who needs our support and especially prayers for protection for him and his wife and children. Our enemy is ruthless and has no regard for either the born or born child, whom it regards as a mere commodity, to be either bought, sold or destroyed. It would be no exaggeration to say its name, Narcissism, is similar in sound to the enemy, Nazism that attacked the outer fabric western civilisation 70 years ago. Except that this enemy eats away at the very heart of our nation. [3-16]
The initiative may not get any media traction at all or alternatively it may provoke a firestorm. Who knows? Only the Lord does. But it is exciting to start a public fight-back following the extraordinary failure of nerve by many members of both Houses of Parliament.
Please get involved by engaging with the new website http://www.gaymarriagenothanks.com/
David Skinner

Tesco at World Pride 2012,London  (WARNING SCENES OF DEPRAVITY, SKIP TO 2 minutes 40 seconds.) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YxrjrUF0_1A
 [2] Alain Craig
[3] Hatred and Narcissim of gay lobby.
[5] Gay Storm Troopers
[6] The father of homosexual storm trooper Ernst Rohm:
[7] Silent majority
[8] Silent minority
[9] Tyranny of gaystapo
[10]Aka Green
[11] Children taught to utter filth from gays
[12] Depraved hatred by gays and their supporters. (WARNING FILTHY LANGUAGE) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6sWaTGLmppg
[13]Sodomites of Castro district http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PrRxFoBSPng
[14] Blitzkrieg of depravity
[15] Drag Queen whips up hatred against Christians
[16] Manchester Police mock Chester Zion Tabernacle at Manchester Pride 2010

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