3 July 2013

Christian Concern-4 Ways You Can Stand for Marriage:

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Over the next 4 days we'll be sending you 4 different ways that you can stand for marriage...

...because the passage of the same sex 'marriage' Bill isn't a formality. Those who support it want us to think it's a done deal so that we stop speaking up for marriage.

But we must continue to stand for marriage because we believe God's ways are best for our country.

It's also about reminding politicians that their authority comes from God and should be used for good (Romans 13:1-4).

Action #1

So please come and join us for a public prayer rally as the House of Lords debates and votes on the Bill at its Third Reading on Monday 15th July.

We'll be meeting at Old Palace Yard (in front of the Houses of Parliament) from 12-2PM and 5-7PM.

Click here to download a poster for your church.

And please ask your church leader to announce the event at church this Sunday!

Look out for #2, #3 and #4...

Please come if you can but if you can't make it to London on the 15th that's OK. The other three ways you can stand for marriage can be done from home!

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