4 July 2013

Christian Concern-4 Ways You Can Stand for Marriage - #2:


The Government expects the same sex 'marriage' Bill to pass through the Lords at its Third Reading on 15th July. The Conservatives in particular are keen to get it through so that they can move on and concentrate on their re-election campaign.

This is why it's important we begin reminding MPs now that how they voted on the Bill will affect how we vote at the next general election. Your MP needs to know how their stance on marriage will make you more or less likely to vote for them.

Many MPs, and the Government, assume that you'll forget about the same sex 'marriage' Bill and 'fall into line'.

We need to remind them that marriage is far too important an issue for us to stop caring about.

Action #2

So please take the following simple steps:
  • Click here to find your MP (if you don't already know who it is), then click on the name and note their contact details
  • Click here to find out if they voted for ('ayes') or against ('noes') the Bill (the list is in alphabetical order)
  • Please visit, call or email your MP. Inform them how their position on marriage will affect your vote at the general election in 2015

Don't forget...

Please come and join us to pray outside Parliament on Monday 15th July as the House of Lords debates and votes on the same sex 'marriage' Bill.

Provisional times are 12-2PM and 5-7PM but please note these times are subject to change. The Government changed the timing of the last vote to increase the Bill's chance of passing and could do so again.

Click here to download a poster for your church.

Look out for two more ways to stand for marriage which we'll announce tomorrow and Friday.

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