30 July 2013

Christian Concern:

Letter to Police Chief: “Tell officers not to arrest preachers who say homosexual acts are sinful”

Tony Miano
Christian Legal Centre (CLC) has written to the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, asking for guidance to be issued immediately to all officers concerning public expressions that homosexual acts are sinful.

The letter was prompted by Tony Miano's arrest earlier this month on a London high street. His crime? Preaching a sermon from 1 Thessalonians 4:1-12 in which he called homosexual practice a sin. Even though a passerby told him to "F*** off", it was Tony who got arrested for using offensive language.

Tony was detained by police for nearly seven hours. At the police station he was fingerprinted, had a DNA sample taken and was interviewed under caution.

We were able to get a lawyer to Tony quickly (out of hours) to help him. He was released around midnight with no further action taken.

Tony's arrest was simply the latest in a long line of mistakes by the police, who have repeatedly wrongly arrested, fined or cautioned Christians for stating biblical truth (Christians whom we've also given legal support to).

That's why we've written to Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, asking him to take a lead in giving clear guidance to officers to stop this kind of thing from happening.

You can read the letter here >

Sending out lawyers late at night, drafting a legally complex letter to the Chief of Police - these things don't happen for free. In fact, it can be quite expensive. But we do it because it's so important for the future freedom of the gospel in our country.

Will you stand with us for freedom and make a contribution to this work? When you give to CLC, your money goes towards protecting freedom of speech so that Christians can continue to preach the gospel without fear of being arrested. (Christian Concern:Here)

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