13 July 2013


Dear Friends,
I am sending the following urgent request from Dr Lisa Nolland and Canon Chris Sugden of Anglican Mainstream.  Please, prayerfully, consider  how we might support them.  
A great deal has happened this week, including the fact that it appears we may have lost the SSM vote.   Regardless of which way the vote goes, there is still time for us to get some of our research out into the public realm.  Indeed, we are very excited about the launch of our new website (www.GayMarriageNoThanks.com) in conjunction with a media campaign this weekend.
We are meeting at 1:45, 10 Downing Street, on Sunday the 14th July and would welcome those who could give half an hour or so to help us.  
We realize that the issues surrounding this legislation are legion, and that many are left feeling bruised and battered after the government’s bulldozing of it through the Commons and Lords. We believe that there will be huge problems which emerge from it on all sorts of levels and that clear, gracious Christian witness and work with the damaged will be more important than ever.  We also believe that children will suffer most.  We will be looking at ways to work with other organizations to repeal it.
But in the meantime, if you know of any who would care to be involved practically on Sunday we would be grateful.
God bless and keep
Lisa and/for Chris

Ls.n@talktalk.net; 07503 298 521
csugden@mainstream.net; 01865 883388
David Skinner

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