14 September 2013

Today Is The Feast Of the EXALTATION of the HOLY CROSS-The Sixth Anniversary Of The Implementing Of Summorum Pontificum:

In hoc signo vinces.

 We Adore You Christ And Praise You Because By Your Holy Cross You Have redeemed The World

Collect of the Mass:
Deus, qui nos hodiérna die Exaltatiónis sanctæ Crucis ánnua solemnitáte lætíficas: præsta, quæsumus; ut, cujus mystérium in terra cognóvimus, ejus redemptiónis præmia in cælo mereámur. Per eúmdem Dóminum...

O God, who dost gladden us upon this day by the festival of the Exaltation of the holy Cross : grant that we who have acknowledged the mystery of redemption here on earth, may rejoice in the everlasting fruits thereof in heaven. Through...

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