23 October 2013

A little bit of Christmas cheer:

Anything to be raffled?

The Church needs more vocations and the Confraternity is making an effort to assist in this good cause by raising money to be donated to an EF seminarian.

We are planning a New Year Raffle with tickets being available from 1st of December.

If you could please donate a small non perishable item or two for the cause, it would be greatly appreciated.

Bottles and other items for the raffle will be collected by Sally after Masses between now and December.

And....in the New Year we are launching our Chartres Pilgrimage Fund.

The aim is to send four of our young people to join the Chartres 2014 Pilgrimage.

We already have circa £300+ in the kitty but we need to double that - more news on this after Christmas. (Richard at Stabat Mater:H/T Here)

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