31 October 2013

Last chance to sign for life:


Last chance to sign for life!  www.oneofus.org.uk

  • Deadline tomorrow - Friday 1st Nov
  • Join 1.6 million others
The landmark 'One of Us' European Citizens Initiative closes at midnight tomorrow. 1.6 million Europeans have already signed but there's still just time for you to join them and be known as a defender of life.  Sign now >
The Initiative seeks to ban all EU funding for research that relies upon the destruction of human embryos.

Such a ban would make a big impact on embryonic stem cell research. Research on adult stem cells which has produced recent scientific breakthroughs but doesn't involve the destruction of tiny human lives would not be affected by the ban.

It also makes a big statement to Europe about the value and dignity of every human person.
So, please add you voice if you haven't already - it only takes a couple of minutes -  Sign now >
The UK is woefully under-represented ...
Across Europe the initiative has proved very successful - but here in the UK we are under-represented - please help us to change that -  Sign now >
It can make a huge difference ...
It may seem remote and obscure but if this initiative is ultimately successful, it will have a huge impact on embryo research here in the UK and the way that society treats human life. Sign now >
So, please - sign up and tell others ...
The deadline is midnight tomorrow (Friday 1st November) - so, please sign now
Do something amazing - celebrate the precious gift of life and sign the One of Us petition.
Sign now >

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