17 October 2013


Peace be with you!
As we get ready to begin praying the St. Jude Novena, I want to share some testimonies of answered prayers from the past two novenas. 
On Day 5 of the St. Therese novena, we received this testimony:
"I'm praying for a job and I keep getting a phone call everyday with a different job offer. This is truly amazing! May God bless you and your wife. Thanks a lot for this novena! God bless all the people in the world!!" - B.  
We also asked for testimonies on the Pray More Novenas facebook page and here are a few of those:
"Miracle. A young man I was praying for who was on death's door with leptospirosis is now home with his parents. Thank you my Immaculate Heart of Mary!" - Lizzy T. 
"I was asked to pray for a 2nd grader, Mary to be adopted. This has been in the works for several years. The adoption went through. Thank you, God!" - Diane W.
"Yes!!!!! A young boy with a terminal disease that I have been praying for got some amazing test results!! And a prayer for my son was answered!! Waiting on a few more!!! So amazing!!" - Valerie B. 
That's not all, I will share a few answered prayers from last year's St. Jude Novena below. But first... 
I want to ask you to help spread the word about this novena because it starts soon!
You can also send friends and family to this link to sign up: http://www.praymorenovenas.com/st-jude-novena/ 
We share these answered prayers with you not only to remind you that our prayers are powerful, but to also give you hope if you haven't had your prayers answered yet. 
Now here are some from last year's St. Jude Novena:
"St Jude has helped me get a passport within less than 12 hours.  I applied for it yesterday 24th October and I was told at 10am today that it is ready." - Mary
"My son has been underemployed for  over two years.  He finally got a job in his field today, when the St. Jude prayer intention was specifically related to work.  Amazing!" - Leona
God is so good! 
The answered prayers in this email just scratch the surface! With confidence in God's generosity and an open heart, let's ask St. Jude for his prayers beginning on Saturday!
We're praying for you! 
God bless you! 
John-Paul & Annie - PrayMoreNovenas.com
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