2 November 2013

BREAKING CASE NEWS: Judgment ignored:

Christian Concern

You've probably read some of our recent emails in which we've told you about Transport for London allowing Stonewall's bus adverts for a second time, even though a judge ruled back in March that the ads breached TfL's own guidelines.

The adverts read Some people are gay. Get over it! When Core Issues Trust tried to run an advert in response in April 2012 (Not gay. Ex-gay, post-gay and proud. Get over it!), TfL refused to put them up.

TfL allowed the Stonewall ads to be put up for a second time last month, despite a judgment in March which said that they were offensive.

This week

It's only fair that TfL plays by the rules and either displays both adverts or none of them at all, so on Thursday we were in the High Court asking for an emergency judicial review on this matter. But unfortunately the judge didn't give permission.

What next?

At Christian Concern, despite the increasingly negative, secularised and partisan views of the courts, we will seek to stand up for Christian values and for the rights of Christians to express their views in a democratic way.
In this case, not only was the whole tenor of the original judgement ignored by the judge reviewing the case, but we have been ordered to pay costs.
Christians in the UK today have a choice: to roll over and allow the State and the Court to pass between each other their responsibilities to ensure freedom of speech, each failing spectacularly, or, as we believe, to remain a Prophetic voice, using all legal means to enable Christians to stand up for Truth.
To do this, we need your help now more than ever. Please donate to help us remain a Prophetic voice:(H/T:Christian Concern Here)

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