8 November 2013

CHRISTIAN CONCERN-BREAKING NEWS: Big business backs off Stonewall Awards over Bigot Award:

Stonewall's Annual Awards Event is due to take place this evening at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

You may recall that last year we drew attention to the ‘Bigot Award’ and asked you to write to some of the big companies who were sponsoring the homosexual lobby group’s event. We’re pleased to inform you that Barclays and PWC have dropped their sponsorship and Coutts also seems to have done the same.

In the days before the event last year, a large number of Christian Concern supporters contacted these three organisations, bringing the nature of the 'Bigot Award' to their attention.

The change in sponsorship for this year’s awards shows the impact your efforts can have. Thanks to all of you who made the effort to write last year.

Despite losing some big sponsors, Stonewall has decided to continue with the ‘Bigot of the Year’ award. This demonstrates once again the brazen attitude of Stonewall, as we've seen in the bus advert case. One of the nominees for the award is Rev'd George Gebauer, an Anglican Vicar in Hampshire who said that he could not list a woman and her civil partner both as 'mothers' on the Baptism certificate of the woman's daughter.

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