16 December 2013

Voice Of Jesus 19: Sweet Yoke Of Jesus:


Photo of Sacred Heart of Jesus Statue
The glory of the world, wherewith one man deludes the
other, is false and short lived: but the glory of My
service is true, and shall endure forever.
O most sweet Jesus! What is there for me outside of
Thee, or what do I desire upon earth beside Thee?
God of my heart, Thou art my life, Thou my
blessedness, Thou my portion forever.

1.) The Voice of Jesus.
My Child, he that loves to serve the world, knows not the world.
Come, My Child, take up My yoke upon thee; for My yoke is sweet, and My burden light.
My service, Child, is not that of a tyrant, nor of a harsh master; but of a most loving Father, who is near His children, who are submissive to Him, that He may help and entertain them… full article.
(a 4 minute read…enjoy!)
May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be our hearts’ desire!

 In Jesus & Mary,

John Mary
America Needs Fatima

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