22 January 2014

Offensive Stonewall Ad-Suggested Sample Letters:

Dear Friends,
I would urge you to take a moment to write to the Transport for London and complain at just how offensive you find the new Stonewall posters being displayed on buses and the underground. Below are my two letters giving just two of many possible reasons to feel offended. The email of TFL is: enquiries@tfl.gov.org
Dear Sir/ Madam,
I wish to object to two posters displayed by Transport for London: one says, 'SOME PEOPLE ARE GAY. GET OVER IT!' ; the other shows two people with a caption saying, 'ONE IS GAY. IF THAT BOTHERS PEOPLE, OUR WORK CONTINUES'.
I wish to take issue with the fact that you allow Stonewall, who exercise a disproportionate power and influence in our nation, to invade my public space and presumptuously take on the role of being the representative of all Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transsexual (LGBT) people. This fancy rests on the belief that, in essence, all gays are the same as they are, but are inhibited from showing it because of our archaic' moral values, traditions, social customs and institutions, which our Queen, Elizabeth 11, promised, on oath, to defend at her Coronation, but for which Stonewall have nothing but sneering contempt.
Not all LGBTs, let alone the majority of people in Britain, endorse Stonewall's views or activities. They speak only for themselves and not the wider community, whom they attempt to silence through fear, intimidation and offensive posters such as the two examples, referred to above.
They perpetuate a false and dangerous stereotype with which not all LGBTs wish to be associated. One only has to attend any gay parade, whether it is London or Manchester Pride to realise that this outfit peddles a poisonous cocktail of sexual promiscuity and hatred of anyone who questions their radical views and behaviour. On a personal level these result in the spreading of sexually transmitted diseases, mental breakdown, suicides and on a national level, with the destruction of marriage, the family, the economy the military and ultimately the nation.
If the TFL are sincere in their championing equality and diversity they will allow posters expressing an alternative view to that of Stonewall, such as:
If you do not allow this basic freedom of speech you will be supporting the right of an unelected outfit, whose first chief executive, lesbian, and IVF mother, Angela Mason, was a member of a Marxist, anarchist terrorist group, The Angry Brigade, to offend and feel offended for the slightest criticism,whilst giving the rest of population, including tourists visiting London, only the privilege of turning the other cheek and being trodden on.
We are a tolerant nation but this tolerance works within limits. If people are pushed too far this creates smouldering resentment, division, instability and ultimately an anarchy that the TFL will have aided and abetted. We want equality and diversity for all.
I am
Yours sincerely

Dear Sir/Madam,
I wish to object to two posters displayed by Transport for London: one says, 'SOME PEOPLE ARE GAY. GET OVER IT!' ; the other shows two people with a caption saying, 'ONE IS GAY. IF THAT BOTHERS PEOPLE, OUR WORK CONTINUES'.
I wish to take issue with the fact that you allow Stonewall to hide behind accusing anyone of homophobia, if they make the slightest criticism of homosexuality. Mere accusation might not be serious, but when such accusations have already resulted in decent people being publicly humiliated, fined, losing their occupations, businesses, jailed, physically attacked and threatened with prison, this does bother me.
Some would argue that homosexuals have achieved more than equality within society. They have created a new kind of tyranny.
Homosexuals are at the heart of government, the BBC, nearly every public service. They have Airlines and banks falling over themselves to celebrate their sexual activities in London and World Pride. The fact that Stonewall awards ceremonies at the V&A museum are bestrewn with the glitterati that includes actors, MPs, writers, sports personalities, dancers, pop musicians, theatre and film directors and TV presenters, demonstrate that gays are amongst the most privileged in society.
But not even having the benefits, rights and status of marriage extended to them through civil partnerships, or having adopted and fostered children handed over into their tender keeping (whilst Christian foster parents and Catholic Adoption agencies are excluded from the adoption and fostering services) is enough.
They will be only satisfied when anyone, who does not sign up to the Stonewall Equality Workplace index, is removed from the public space.
In view of so many children who are in care having have been sexually abused by homosexuals, Stonewall’s Workplace Equality Index list certainly bothers me.
I am
Yours sincerely

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