31 January 2014

The Marian Vow-Pray For The Friars:

Dear friends in Christ,
the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate story is facing a crucial turning point. The Pope will decide and whatever will happen everyone shall obey. Our prayers and emails, our penance and Mass offerings are needed as never before. And I again invite you to join the crusade to ask God the FFI order to be restored and glorified.
We need to focus on this issue on a supernatural perspective. Otherwise we could deceive ourselves, fall in grudge and despair. Our Lord and Our Lady are permitting this orderal, and we should kiss the hand that is slapping us, because it is the plan of God, whether Fr. Volpi knows it or not.  The whole mankind is facing a dark age and the Friars cannot be exempted. Their pain is offered for the incipient Triumph of the Immaculate Heart. So ours.
I ask you to believe that Our Lady wants Her children to be fire-proofed, in fact right now She will see who really trusts Her and who not. That's the time the strength and the very nature of committment to Marian Vow  the friars pledged is getting under scrutiny in the deepest of their hearts and wills. The purification will open the path to luminous events that we cannot even imagine. These months the friars live their Calvary, but resurrection will come if they persist in hope. Let's remember they are property of Mary and all that is concerning them it's up to Mary, and Mary will care for.
Don't lose hope, don't stop praying!

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  1. Great, Michael, I've linked on FB. God bless and keep up the pressure.