25 February 2014


  I believe the budget should have a hunger test: will it drive more families to foodbanks, or will it tackle the scandal of UK hunger? Join my petition to the Chancellor for an End UK Hunger Budget.

In December, over 140,000 of you signed my petition for Parliament to debate the stratospheric rise in foodbanks. Within days, we got that debate. Now, I need your help again. 
There is less than a month to the 2014 Budget on March 19. The Government has hinted at further deep cuts to the welfare state, and so far has offered no answers to the crisis of low wages and high food prices that are driving people to foodbanks.
So, today, I’m launching a new petition calling for a different kind of Budget -- an End UK Hunger budget. This is a budget that repairs the safety net we may all need at some time in our lives. One that tackles high food prices and sets a living wage so that parents no longer have to work long hours and still can’t feed their children. Click here to sign my petition.
I believe this and every budget should have a hunger test. The Chancellor should acknowledge the exponential rise in foodbanks and UK hunger and he should ask will the budget drive more families to foodbanks – or will it tackle the scandal of UK hunger?
I know what it is to feel hungry and to see your child go hungry. As I write this, tens of thousands of kids in Britain are going hungry. Parents are looking at empty cupboards in despair, and wondering how to keep on skipping meals without their children noticing. Teenagers are turning up to school, weak and exhausted, and too hungry to learn.


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