3 February 2014

Email campaign goes on: please, support the friars!:

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, I ask you to support the friars and continue the email campaign. Please, let more people send letters to the Vatican. Your help will be very useful.
Father Volpi's report on FFI situation is being evaluated in the Vatican rooms. And measures, relevant ones, will be taken soon. These days are crucial and our prayers to the Holy Trinity and Our Lady are needed.
But we can do more.
With this post I'm promoting again an email campaign, inviting you to send Vatican authorities some lines about how the Commissioner is behaving, how the allegations against Fr. Manelli and his friars are false, what should be done in order to restore it all.
Below you'll find all the email addresses. You can send a single email putting all of them in the "To" field, so they'll read and hopefully answer you.
Please, engage more friends in this campaign and let it be widely known. If you are a blogger you can re-blog this post.
Also, please, be charitable and wise in what you'll write, don't spend harsh words and focus on the problems and the solutions.
First and foremost you should know that the main reason of the commissioning stems from accusations of sedevacantism/cryptolefevrism. Other false charges (embezzlement, authoritarianism etc. are just later pretexts). It seems the Pope and his entourage were provided with informations depicting Fr. Manelli's friars as schismatics, and were very impressed by. So that the commissioning occurred.
So, if you are acquainted with the friars and their spirituality I ask you to write:
1) all the information you have that can help in discharging allegations of crypto-lefevrism or schismatic attitude;
2) facts proving accusation of authoritarianism is false;
3) datas proving no embezzlement ever occurred;
4) notes on psychological warfare especially on Filipino friars or other marginalization/segregation acts against any friar;
5) negative effects of commissioning and scandal provoked by measures taken;
6) evidences about defamation and calumnies against Fr. Manelli, his family, the past FFI government and any other FI friar you know;
7) other misconducts of the Commissioner and those backing him up;
8) facts about sneaky meetings between 'reformer' friars and Fr. Volpi, who - as a commissioner - should be neutral, not a one-sided partisan;
9) about the false allegations against lay movement MIM and pshychological pressure on its members.
If you're not personally acquainted you could ask in the email:
- if a canonical trial has been done, if there are allegations, if Fr. Manelli has had or will have the chance to defend;
- why a Church open to difference of charisms is allowing the destruction of a young order born after CVII 'Perfectae Caritatis' decree;
- why loyal catholics as FFI are persecuted and in the meanwhile out there is full of unpunished bishops and priests living in homosexuality, preaching post-catholic statements, laundering money etc.;
- why Fr. Volpi means are so violent and no place for dialog has ever been with  the previous government;
- if psychological violence has been done on friars, especially Filipinos;
- if it is true that Fr. Volpi has a 5,300 Euros (7,250 US dollars) stipend per month from the FFI and on what rationale;
- why Fr. Volpi is widely banning V.O. Mass against Summorum Pontificum motu proprio even where Mass is attended by stable groups of faithful;
- if the Vatican knows about fr. Volpi stealthily meeting petitioner friars and excluding from consultation the others;
- if lay activities are to be resumed, and why lay have been targeted when the Church teaches that laity is crucial for present age.
Also you could end your letter with  a plea to resolve the situation in the best way.
May Jesus Our Saviour and Mary Corredemptrix help us, may the Pope understand He has been misled by false informations, may you send lots of emails!
His Holiness Pope Francis 
Secretariat of State His Eminence Secretary Msgr. Pietro Parolin
00120 Città del Vaticano - Palazzo Apostolico
Rev. Fr. Federico Lombardi S.I.
Holy See Press office
E-mail: lombardi@pressva.va
Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life
His Eminence the Cardinal Prefect  João Braz de Aviz.
E-mail: civcsva.pref@ccscrlife.va
His Excellency Archbishop Secretary José Rodríguez Carballo, O.F.M 
E-mail: civcsva.segr@ccscrlife.va
E-mail: vati059@ccscrlife.va
Palazzo delle Congregazioni, 00193 Roma, Piazza Pio XII, n. 3.
The Pontifical Council for the Laity
Piazza San Calisto, 16 00153 Roma
E-mail: pcpl@laity.va
E-mail: info@laici.va

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